Three of the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in the Market.

When astronauts take off to space, the intensity and speed at which the rocket launchers go out of our orbit are always so robust that it could harm their spines. To protect the patriots from nerve damage or worse, space exploration engineers and designers built zero gravity chairs upon years of research in human biology, anatomy and physics. The zero gravity chairs help to make their bodies effectively weightless by distributing the entire body weight evenly across the chair surface. The chairs achieve that relaxing and therapeutic fete by inclining your body and lifting your feet to an angle that allows all of your weight to be distributed and absorbed evenly into the chair. All the changes in gravitational pull and pressure can no longer affect the astronauts as they are propelled out of the orbit or into it. For obvious relaxation and therapeutic benefits, cardio-therapists and massage experts decided to adopt the zero-gravity mechanism for their massage chairs.

The following are three of the best zero gravity massage chairs in the market.

  1. Osaki OS-4000T Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair features some cutting-edge technology that is enviable among top medical facilities that can only aspire for such innovation. It is based on years of medical research and biophysics that is impeccable. It features three exceptional technologies that can improve your physical and mental health drastically if only you could have it at your home or work area. The zero gravity mechanism reclines your upper body while lifting the lower parts to position you horizontally. That position improves your blood circulation, lung function, pressure distribution along the spine and relaxation. Its Next Generation Air Massage Technology inflates and deflates airbags to create subtle compression and twisting movements that massage your shoulders, hips and arms. It also features intelligent robot massage, the S-Track Movable, which focuses on massaging and decompressing your spine disks.

  1. Medical Breakthrough Four Massage Chair Recliner

Apart from the zero gravity mechanism, this cutting-edge innovation features a Smart Body Scan System and the L-Track BackTrack System. The chair was designed by a team of 25 pain specialists, doctors, chiropractors and surgeons, and that is why it can learn your body physique and align its structure to your spine and other internal organs. It is also programmed to seamlessly integrate the various different massage techniques that include:

  • flapping and kneading.
  • Flapping.
  • Kneading.
  • Shiatsu.
  • Knocking.

This zero-gravity chair is also great because of its Chiropractic Back Stretch feature; it employs the use of inflating and deflating airbags to stretch your back muscles and your hips. Additionally, it features a roller system that provides excellent and relaxing foot and calf massage.

  1. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

This massage chair comes from a very specialized company that is well appreciated for its therapeutic innovations and cutting-edge engineering. Apart from its incredibly relaxing feature, this compact massage chair is predestined to last way much longer at your service than other similar products. It features a smart engine, the Smart 3D Flex Glide, which simulates all the massage techniques of a professional masseuse at the zero gravity position. It is also easy to use because it maps your body on a touchscreen, and you just need to point at the pressure points on your body that need extra tension release.  You can also visit the site for some information.